What we do

Working with our corporate partners, we will provide immediate opportunities for talented individuals who want a career path in information technology to work on real life project- based initiatives in collaboration with our company partners. Utilizing its access to recent university graduates Hotfix builds a pipeline of new IT talent by integrating them in the performance of company assigned work by leading them through the entire software development lifecycle in teams led by experienced senior resources. As a result, our company partners receive completed projects at low cost while helping to expand the IT community at large.

How we can help you

HotFix Squared provides high-quality domestic services at globally competitive rates by providing these benefits to our customers:

  • Locally accessible senior developer-led teams of new transformed talent
    Talent acquisition, vetting and management of IT talent on an outsourced basis
  • Delivery of services at a cost that is fifty percent less than offshore service providers
  • University-driven resource pipelines of transformed IT experts driven by your projects
  • U.S. Citizens to support public sector requirements
  • References from current customers for whom HotFix has saved millions of dollars in operational costs to provide assurances of our ability to deliver successful project-driven results
  • Public benefit of participating in the advancement of an innovative IT workforce platform as a regional asset for economic development for the region.