Stronger together.

We offer a unique Corporate Partner program for those customers that join our public private ecosystem. In exchange for commitments to partner with us by sponsoring a minimum number of resources for a minimum term, to work on customer projects, we provide substantial discounts of our already globally competitive rates. The greater the number of resources and longer the term, the greater the discounts. Our founding Corporate Partner, Swift Transportation, enjoyed deeply discounted rates in light of its significant commitment to us. As a result, we were able to successfully decommission an entire Teradata warehouse for Swift, on time and on budget. Please contact us to learn more about how our innovative Corporate Partner program can do the same for you.

Swift Transportation

“As Swift approached the end of life on our very expensive legacy data warehouse, we wanted to convert to a new scalable Hadoop environment which would save us millions in operating costs.  However, the cost to convert existing code was a massive barrier.  HotFix Squared approached us with a unique business model that allowed them to perform the conversion for hundreds of thousands less than the closest domestic or offshore competitor.  Not only were they much less, but the project is both on time and under budget.  HotFix Squared has been a pleasure to work with and I would recommend them to any company interested in launching affordable Big Data solutions.”
 Joshua Smith

Vice President of Analytics and Business Transformation
Swift Transportation