Who we are

HotFix Squared is an IT services company currently working with Arizona universities and the Greater Phoenix Economic Council to transform existing Arizona talent into the next generation of IT professionals for the region. Our vision is to build a rich pipeline of resources that will satisfy the growing need for IT skills in Arizona and across the country through our unique model that allows us to transform, not train, individuals into well rounded and capable IT professionals.  We are successfully pursuing that vision today by working with our company partners in the fulfillment of company assignments by integrating new educated talent in the performance of our work. As a result, we together with our public and private partners build resources capable of becoming the future experts in the delivery of technology solutions and help create a regional asset that will help attract new companies to the marketplace.


  • Provide affordable high quality resources to solve customer challenges, e.g. We have decommissioned a Teradata data warehouse for Swift Transportation, the largest transportation company in the U.S..
  • Create an ecosystem that will support the development of Big Data resources in Arizona.
  • Work with High Schools and Universities to create a Big Data curriculum that will support the development of¬†students to be IT ready in Arizona.